GFL has always been committed to create and develop personal care products through innovation and the latest technology, with selected formulas made of the finest natural and organic certified ingredients to meet the requirements of different types of consumers.

GFL’s distinctive strength and creative approach are the pillars of our innovative and sustainable solutions with a positive impact on the environment and people.

GFL is the expression of the contemporary transition towards a circular economy and sustainable development focused on people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership.(UN AGENDA 2030 FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT)

Our Values Manifesto

To create quality and safe products. To promote a culture of environmental respect. To contribute to a sustainable development through design and innovation. Unique ingredients and formulas are pillars of our product philosophy. A safe and sustainable personal care journey.

Our MileStones

From a bright idea...


We know how to design a unique guest journey. Discover a wide collection of brands and scents, from fine perfumery to fashion and lifestyle brands.