Nordic Swan Ecolabel was born in the Northern Europe to evaluate a product’s impact on the environment. Products awarded with the Nordic Swan Ecolabel must meet strict environmental requirements in all relevant phases of their life cycle and strict requirements regarding the chemicals used in the formulas.




  • NO petroleum derivative.
  • NO carcinogenic substances.
  • NO toxic fragrances.
  • NO potential aggressive preservatives like parabens, formaldehyde, BHT.
  • Coloring agents with heavy metals <10 ppm.
  • All ingredients, and particularly surfactants, must have properties such as high biodegradability, no bioaccumulation and low toxicity to aquatic organisms.
  • Aquatic impact

    CVDTOX CALCULATION (Critical Dilution Volume Toxicity) The impact of the cosmetic on the aquatic ecosystems. 
    The CVDTOX value MUST be kept under a restrictive specific limit.


    Content weight / container weight ratio: Packaging is designed to facilitate optimal dosage, avoiding waste of cosmetic.
    Used materials: NO materials containing metals whose weight is more than 20 ppm.
    Labelling control

    Labeling Rules

    Signature of NORDIC SWAN ECOLABEL with the application of specific logos on the primary pack.

    Performance & Usage

    Efficacy analysis, likeability and feel through a comparative test between the product that has to be certified and a corresponding market leader product.